Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Saturday

We had quite the eventful Saturday, nothing major, just one activity after another. It has been one of those weekends that has left me feeling ready for a weekend.

I got to hold my first primary activity and survived it. We had a "pizza with the prophet theme" and had at least 80 kids come. We had some volunteer "prophets" come from our ward to visit with the kids while they ate pizza, they were amazing actors and had awesome costumes!

Then we went to Costco and got some lunch. Davis has a hard time finishing his Frosty.

Afterward, the kids got to see a hot air balloon in our neighborhood park... it was very exciting for the kiddos.

Finally, we went to the ward talent show, where we both were coerced into participating. I was part of a Dr. Seuss Book of Mormon reenactment. Ryan and some guys did the synchronized swimmer thing... pretty funny to watch live. I was impressed with the final product, considering they threw it together in about 45 minutes.Discolsure: Very Poor Quality... I was holding Lyric while filming and I missed the beginning- Ryan in fluffy pink bathrobe... you'll have to use your imagination.


Kipn n' Sarah said...

I am SO SO SO GLAD you got that on video, I was almost peeing my pants when watching that skit! Especially knowing the guys doing it, SO FUNNY!! Well looks like an eventful day for you all and glad all went well. I love the shot of Davis with his frosty, super cute!

Heather said...

Fun day! I'm glad Seth got involved in it all, thanks for asking him to help with the primary activity! :) Their little skit did turn out pretty well for the amount of practice time! I think you have the best video of it so far! Hilarious! Seth is still tending to his wounds from landing on the hard carpet, they really got into it!

robyn said...

that was so great. your kids will love watching that when every body is older.

Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer said...

Rob and I laughed so hard during the spectacular performance. I had no idea Ryan was so graceful!!!

The Gray Family said...

I do think the swimming was the hit of the night :>) Hope their rug burns get better soon!

Alisha said...

Looks like a fun day. Love th pizza with a prophet theme.