Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Little Bolt

Davis just started his first season of soccer. His team is the little bolts and his best friend Daxton is on his team. He is so funny to watch, he often tries to verbally command the ball. When he is on defense, he jumps into his most fierce ninja stance and yells at the ball to stop.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Topping off our Summer of Camping

We went camping for the fourth time this summer. We were reluctant at first but had an awesome time at San Clemente Beach relaxing with friends. The ladies: Me, Kyra, Amy & Niki.
Mazzi and Lyric.
Daxton, Tatum and Ashton.

The crew playing farkle.

Our campground was covered with dirt camouflaged camping ninjas... just as scary as it sounds.Sobe has a new girlfriend... Mazzi. They shared many kissses and cuddles.
After breakfast, we were treated to a "performance" directed and choreographed by Tatum.

Tatum, Tara, and Ashton under the train tunnel.
It took weeks to get all the sand off of Davis.
I think we need to put some meat on this kid...

Tatum: pondering the mysteries of the sea.

A favorite beach time tradition: making a swimming hole.another beach tradition:Sand Mermaids

All of the moms went out and played in the ocean. We had so much fun bobbing in the waves and attempting to body surf.
...and we're spent.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If You Ask them, they Will Come

Last Friday, Tatum came home with an invitation for Grandparent's Day and was so excited to bring her grandmas and grandpas to school the following Monday. I explained to Tatum that Grandma and Grandpa Nelson were already planning on coming out in a few weeks... and everyone lives pretty far away, but she could call and ask. Her "Grr" was able to come last minute and Tatum was so proud to show off her Grandma. She performed a special grandma song and showed off her classroom to her. Yeah for grandparents!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Family's New Addition

Apparently we are a little bit crazy. We thought that our family needed a new addition...
Last Friday, we brought home this fuzzy four legged puppy...After much debate, we named him Sobe. The kids were really rooting for Mr. Fuzzy Pants, but Ryan wouldn't give in. He is a goldendoodle (Golden retriever/poodle mix) and is a great little puppy. Doesn't shed, bark, or dig... and loves, loves, loves his new family. He is a happy little people pleasing dog. So far, so good... (ask us in a few weeks).