Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Saturday

We had quite the eventful Saturday, nothing major, just one activity after another. It has been one of those weekends that has left me feeling ready for a weekend.

I got to hold my first primary activity and survived it. We had a "pizza with the prophet theme" and had at least 80 kids come. We had some volunteer "prophets" come from our ward to visit with the kids while they ate pizza, they were amazing actors and had awesome costumes!

Then we went to Costco and got some lunch. Davis has a hard time finishing his Frosty.

Afterward, the kids got to see a hot air balloon in our neighborhood park... it was very exciting for the kiddos.

Finally, we went to the ward talent show, where we both were coerced into participating. I was part of a Dr. Seuss Book of Mormon reenactment. Ryan and some guys did the synchronized swimmer thing... pretty funny to watch live. I was impressed with the final product, considering they threw it together in about 45 minutes.Discolsure: Very Poor Quality... I was holding Lyric while filming and I missed the beginning- Ryan in fluffy pink bathrobe... you'll have to use your imagination.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Baby is One!!!

We have had an amazing first year with Lyric. She has the sweetest hugs and the slobberiest kisses! Her big brother and big sister can't get enough of her and we just all love our little sweet pea so much! Happy birthday little Lu!

Lyric List...

playing peek-a-boo

bananas/spaghetti/yogurt in her hair

attempting to sing like Ariel with the echo microphone

walking around with the phone repeating "ahh dada"

following mom from room to room

climbing anything she can, then standing and raising her arms as if saying "tada!"

quivering lips, boo-boo face, when told no (pretty sure it's an act)

pulling clothes from dressers, hampers, drawers and rearranging them as she sees fit

pointing her toes at you (meaning please do "This Little Piggy")

completely obsessing over any baby in sight... give hugs, taste the pacifier, give more hugs

eagerly signing "more" anytime food is around

claiming sole ownership of mom

all you can eat bananas

instant hip wiggling at the first sound of music

random, crash into you with her head, hugs

Happy Birthday to Lyric! One day, I will remember to hold the camera upright when recording... until then... Taco Neck Syndrome- enjoy.

Hollywood Getaway

My mom came out to watch the kids and Ryan and I got to have a little Valentine's Day getaway. We went to Hollywood. It rained most of the time and we weren't able to do our planned Disneyland trip... but it was fun just being together without kids in tow.
After our delectable dinner of french cuisine, we thought it might be fun to walk to Pantages Theater (we had tickets for Phantom of the Opera). So after about 30 minutes of walking, we start to discover that it is a heck of a lot longer than either of us envisioned and we start walking briskly. Fifteen more minutes... still no sign of the theater... start jogging. Ten minutes later, we start freaking out... the show starts in five minutes and still no sign... start sprinting. I am sure we made quite the scene, we were in our dressy clothes, I had a pencil skirt on that limited the length of my stride to six inches, tops. We made it in just before the doors closed, but we were a couple of sweaty messes. The show was great, but we unanimously decided that Wicked is still the best.
We stayed at the Mondrian Hotel... very posh, maybe a little too cool for us, we didn't understand some of the decor... a little weird... or maybe just eclectic. It had an awesome view of Hollywood, though.
I felt inclined to visit the Hollywood Wax Museum... I am sure there are better ways to spend $30, but we had fun being silly. We kept thinking, "Davis would love this," and "Tatum would think this is so cool".

Ryan and his Bonanza buddies... seriously, this is his favorite show. Good old Hoss!
Next stop Pink's Hotdogs. We were informed that this is a must in Hollywood, so we waited close to an hour, in the rain, to have a hot dog. I have to admit it was the pretty good (as far as hot dogs go).
Thanks mom, for watching the grand kids... they had a blast with their Grr!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Toilet Troubles

Lyric has a new interest, more like an obsession... the potty. If by chance someone forgets to close the bathroom door, she instantly makes a beeline for it. At first she was satisfied with a little hand dipping and splashing, but soon that lost excitement and she now finds random objects to splash around with and leaves them in the potty to hopefully be discovered. This last week, our toilet trinket discoveries have been: A board book, a magazine, a baby doll, a bracelet, a sock, a toothbrush, and a purse. Not too surprisingly, later in the week we had a clogged toilet. I got to get a little too friendly with the toilet (Ryan was bedridden with the flu) and ended up at Lowe's, purchasing a toilet snake. After about 20 minutes with the snake, out came the mystery objects: and handkerchief and star ornament (which apparently do not flush well). Bathroom door closing has become top priority.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good Clean Fun

One of our New Year's Resolutions was to do a monthly family service project and we managed to squeeze one in for January. We like to go on little hikes at the top of our neighborhood and have noticed a lot of junk up there lately, so we gathered some of our friends and had a Saturday morning clean-up session. The kids were all great contributors and I think that we made a noticeable difference... the tough dads hauled off a sofa and a truck bed liner, too.

Some of the clean-up crew:

Huge bonus- Rope swing!Tatum and Brooklyn

The finished product:Our morning efforts: