Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Costa Rica

Ryan and I thought we should mark our ten wonderful years of marriage with a little get-a-way for two to Costa Rica. I am ashamed to say that our inspiration came from last season of the Bachelor. It was the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation and best of all, I actually got to see my husband for six consecutive days in row!!
Day 1: Arrive in San Jose, rent a car and start on our four hour journey to our resort in Guanacaste. We take in all of the spectacular scenery along the way.  After about an hour into the drive, I realize I left my prize possession (my camera) in the shuttle from the car rental agency. We rush back in a panic. They claim to not have it.  Fortunately, prayers were answered and I found in sandwiched between two seats on the last shuttle.  Yay!! It was a Costa Rican miracle!! Now our vacation could begin.  More driving through rain and dirt roads, often block by a herd of cows. We arrive at our resort and enjoy scrumptious Asian cuisine and sushi.

Day 2: Shopping in Tamarindo and we went out to do some snorkeling on our own on Conchel Beach. (Later to discover than 2 weeks prior a man had been killed from a bull shark bite on that beach). Delicious Costa Rican dinner.  (We reasoned that we would save our caloric intake for two lavish meals a day and skipped out on lunches).

Day 3: Adventure.  Hiking in the rain forest, followed by a canopy tour among the clouds...  12 zip lines and several hanging bridges.  So fun to swing among the trees with the monkeys.  We went down a crazy long and slightly perilous water slide. Enjoyed lunch and wildlife. I got pretty close to a coati... all my years of teaching the rain forest theme paid off when I identified the animal to our tour group.  Next, we horsebacked through the rain forest (which was my first time).  I had so much fun galloping through streams and soaking up the breathtaking views. Unfortunately, Ryan’s horse was a dud and wasn’t much fun. Afterwards, we covered ourselves in volcanic mud, and soaked in the hot springs. Horseback down the mountain and we’re spent.

Day 4: Relaxing on the beach, devouring  the most delicious pineapple while catching up on some good books poolside, beach combing and simply basking in the tropical sun.  I had so much fun horseback riding, we decided to do it again. Hands down, the best part of our trip was racing along the beach. More sushi and banana flambĂ© as watched the sunset and listened to a Jack Johnson inspired  musician. Perfect.

Day 5: Ryan and I indulged in massages...  pure bliss. More relaxation as we sailed the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  We saw several “sets” of sea turtles... it happened to be mating season . We went snorkeling in private cove and I somewhat successfully gave paddleboarding a try. Romantic sunset as we sailed back to the resort. 

Day 6: Beautiful drive to Costa Rica as we returned to San Jose for our flight home.  So much lush greenery. Adios Costa Rica... we hope to see you again one day.