Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Leap Year Baby on the Horizon....

Yes, we are expecting. No, we are not crazy... maybe a little. Yes, it was a surprise, but a welcomed one. The due date is February 29th, 2008.... seems like a long way off, but I am in my second trimester, so we are slowly getting there. We just told Tatum and she is really excited. She exclaimed, "So that is why your tummy has been getting so squishy." Davis is clueless. Just wanted to share the news!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Carpenteria Beach House

We spent the last week satying in a beach house near Santa Barbara with my famiy. Erik just returned from his mission, so it was an exciting reunion. Tatum and Davis ate up all of the attention and had so much fun chasing the waves and finding seashells. We got to see some sealions up-close and saw several dolphins.

Papa and Tatum building sandcastles.

Davis and "Grr"

The newly invented game
"Beach Quidditch."

Davis exploring the beach

Tatum and Aunt Chelle

Watching the Sunset.