Friday, August 31, 2012

Future Olympian

This summer, Lyric went from nervous beginning doggie paddler to swimming the full length of the pool and back. Thanks Emily, for being such an awesome swim teacher!

So Long, Sea World

We have enjoyed two fun years at Seaworld and are sad to see our passes expire. I am pretty sure we have at least one future marine biologist, but all the kids soaked up every second of sea creature experiences. Here are some highlights: getting soak by Shamu, watching the dolphin acrobat show, feeding Bat Rays, riding the Manta, laughing at Seymour and Clyde the sea lions, singing "baby beluga" to the beluga whales, peacefully gazing at the sea turtles, piranha feeding, loving the eerie silence of the shark tunnel, having a seagull steal your entire funnel cake, petting a dolphins, and holding a starfish. 

A Midsummer's Day Hike

 We set out in search for some water falls on the Santa Ana Plateau, and all we got was some fun family enjoyment in the great outdoors... maybe next time our swimsuits will get some use???

Sandy Eggo (aka San Diego)

We made a quick, but memorable trip down to San Diego to meet up with Aunt Chelle and cousins Luke and Harper at their beach house. It was a brisk day at the beach, but we managing to have fun anyway. We love cousins and we love the beach... life couldn't get any better!

Temecula Blueberry Farm

After a full day of the beach, we headed over to the Temecula Blueberry farm. For a family of berry fanatics, this is very exciting stuff. The kids loved picking blueberries almost as much as they loved eating them. Afterwards, the farm, quite appropriately,  projected the movie "Babe" onto the barn and we snuggled up and munched on blueberries in lieu of popcorn.


Goodbye Cobble

We will miss our cozy home on Cobble Drive! We have so many, many wonderful memories there. Backyard BBQs with our friends, indoor, slippery-sock skating, Friday family movie nights, crowded Thanksgiving dinners, hill exploration, fun birthday parties, exciting Christmas morning... and list goes on. Goodbye Cobble!