Monday, August 15, 2011

Love to Read

 "The more that you read, 
the more you will know. 
The more that you learn, 
the more places you'll go" 
~ Dr. Suess


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Doheny Camping Trip

Doheny Beach Camping 2011 Top 10:
1. Waking up with the sun at 5:45am.
2. Sleeping to the sound of thunderous, crashing waves
3. Three Brave first-timers on the boogie board
4.  Covered head to in dirt, with a light sprinkling of sand EVERYWHERE
5.  Little pyros, roasting anything and everything: marshmallows, hotdogs, rolls, cookies, strawberries, etc.
6.  Build sand sculptures, castles, and seaweed fortresses.
7. Find a crab, naming him crabby, and quickly returning him, when others threaten to eat him for dinner.
8. Basking in the warm sun ALL day
9. Spending evenings chatting and relaxing fireside.10. FRIENDS, FRIENDS, FRIENDS!

and the b-list

1. missing daddy/hubby who couldn't make it
2. Puke in the tent on the last night
3. Five, somewhat disturbed hours of sleep a night