Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Pictures 2008

We got to take Easter pictures with a baby duckling and some chicks! The kids loved the animals. Davis couldn't keep his hands off of them. I am glad we made it out of there without inflicting any serious harm on the animals. Thanks Heather for the great pictures!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Tatum gave herself a little haircut the other day. Luckily my friend Katie was able to save her hair with a cute little bob. She is loving it for a few reasons: A. her daddy says it makes her look like she is five, B. she thinks it looks like "Jane" in Peter Pan 2, and C. it means her mommy can't put pigtails in her hair.

One Month Old

Our little Lyric is one month old... she has found her place in our family quite nicely. We all love her so much... her hair often has the lovely aroma of spit... from all the kisses her brother and sister give her. She is a little cuddle bug and loves to be snuggled tight all day by anyone willing to hold her. She has just recently flashed me a few non gas related smiles and I just love it! It makes up for all the sleepless nights when I know that she recognizes me and is happy to see me. She still is quite the sleeper, we are about ready to break out the foghorn to get her to stay awake while eating. When she is awake, she thinks that she is starving and will convince any bystander that we don't feed her by ferociously sucking on her hands. She is gaining weight, though... she was 9 pounds yesterday. She was 20% for weight, height, and head, so tiny, but proportionate. We are certainly enjoying watching her little personality unfold.

Something to be scared of...

Davis was running around the house saying "pew, pew, I git da bad guys." If you look closely, you will notice his unconventional weapon of choice... yes, breast pumps.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hi-de- ho there Neighbor!

As a new mother, I spend countless hours nursing... which give my children many opportunities to do things they probably wouldn't if they were being fully supervised. I came outside the other day and found them standing on the playhouse, talking to the ladies next door over the fence. Tatum calls them her "good friends" and they told me that she had been handing over flowers all day... news to me. Again, Mother-of-the-Year award goes to me for both safety and supervision of my children.


We have had so much rain this winter, that these yellow wildflowers have been popping up everywhere... we have really been enjoying their beauty.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Pony Confessions

A few weeks ago, Tatum had her "My Little Ponies" out and arranged them in a nice line, and then proceeded to tell me that sometimes her ponies make bad choices. She went on to inform me what each pony did that was naughty. The first pony sometimes would have accidents, so she would change her pants and put the wet ones out on the swing set to dry and then put them away in her drawer. The next pony would get up from her nap and if her mom was asleep, she would take the box of Pop-Tarts and go behind the couch and eat them all. Another pony would sneak into her mom's make-up, play with it and then hide it under her bed. The pony confessions continued for some time. I was very inquisitive and got candid answers from Tatum about what "The Ponies" did. I even discovered where one of Tatum's missing outfits was hiding, behind the TV of course... that was where the Pony hid clothes she didn't like but her mom made her wear. I am guessing Tatum had been feeling a little guilty and needed to get it all off her chest in this weird therapy session she invented.


Lyric (3 weeks) and her cousin Aspyn (6 months).And of course, our other extra large baby, Davis. I think he was feeling a little left out.