Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Not to Wear

I love “What Not to Wear.” It has been one of my indulgences for many years. Stacey London and Clinton Keith have become a couple of my best friends. They crack me up! I would love to be on the show. It would be glorious to walk the shops of New York City, $5,000 Visa gift card in hand. Unfortunately, I fit in somewhere between fashion fabulous and completely horrid, so chances are slim to none that I ever will get to meet the fashion gurus in person. I have picked up a few tips along the way and really try to incorporate them into my humble wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorite:

  1. Emphasize your slimmest area- I just had a baby, so my stomach is NOT my slimmest section, the empire waist area seems to be, so I try to find empire waist fitted-clothes. Instead of putting a tie-belt at my waist, I bring it up a few inches (if it works with the shirt/dress).
  2. Quality, not quantity- this is a hard one for me. I like clothes and I like variety and I like shopping. I am really working on trying to find quality staples to add to my wardrobe… a great pair of jeans, a well-fitted jacket, and a couple of nicer tops that make me feel put together. I have to admit that I still search the racks at Target and Old Navy for a great deal… and sometimes find something really cute.
  3. White works anytime- The whole white after Labor Day rule is out the window. Just don’t wear all white to someone else’s wedding.
  4. Color is your friend- Adding a pop of color can really make an outfit. For example, red shoes with a black dress.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blessing Day

Lyric's blessing day- April 20th, 2008

We had so much fun visiting with all the family that came down for the blessing.

Grr and Papa

Grandma & Grandpa Nelson

Proud Siblings

Aunt Chelle

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Image Tag

I got this tag from Heather and thought it was fun… so, if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. Do a Google image search, and pick a picture for each phrase.

Age at my next birthday:

A place I want to visit:
My favorite thing:
My favorite place:

My favorite food:
My favorite flower:
My favorite color:
The town I live in:
Name of a past pet:
Nickname I have had:
College Major:First Job:Goal I have for next year:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Diary of a Sleepless Mother

Nights have been a little crazy around here, and I have concluded that I will forever suffer from sleep issues due to my present sleep patterns. Here is an outline of an average night a the Nelson home since our new baby arrived...

10:00pm- Lyric, our newborn is freshly fed, changed and fast asleep. I lay her in her bassinet, and proceed with my nightly bedtime routine (brush teeth, remove contacts, etc). As I am pulling down my comforter to get into bed I hear "squirt!!" (Which means I have exactly 15 seconds to change Lyric's diaper before, we have leakage issues.)

10:20pm- I change Lyric's diaper and lay her back down. She is suddenly starving, of course.

10:45pm- After feeding Lyric for the second time, I lay her back down again and attempt to climb into bed for the second time.

11:30pm-12:30am- We lay in bed and listen to Tatum's belligerent sleep talking. Her rantings go on and on... "I don't like crusts on my sandwich!!" and "Davis is being mean on purpose, he is breaking all the sidewalk chalk!!" We have learned not to interfere, as there is no calming or waking her and we might end up with a sidekick to the jaw.

1:00am- I wake up and find my two-year-old, Davis, by my side, saying that he is scared. I bring him back to bed, give him a hug, give him his blanket, turn the hall light on, and go back to bed.

1:15am- Listen, awake in bed as my baby is making animal like grunts and squeaks in her sleep, knowing that she will soon be up and hungry.

1:45am- After drifting asleep, I awaken to Lyric's full on cry, and proceed to pick her up, feed her, change her, and feed her some more.

2:30am- I bring Lyric to bed to snuggle her into a deep sleep. Probably, not the best habit, but I feel like this is the only way to insure that she won't wake up in 20 minutes crying. This is actually one of my favorite times, to just hold her and smell her sweet smell and listen to her little baby coo's knowing that all too soon she won't be so tiny and innocent.

2:45am- Put Lyric back in her bassinet.

2:50am- My mind starts wondering and I start contemplating whether or not I locked the side entry door in the garage. Finally, I resolve to get up and check. I trip on a baby bouncer on the way there and a basket of laundry on the way back.

3:15am- Slightly injured, I am back in bed and eventually sleeping.

4:00am- We awaken to Davis crying in bed. My husband goes to take care of him.

4:30am- I hear frantic footsteps run though my bedroom, the bathroom light goes on and then the toilet flushes. I am not sure why Tatum insists on using our bathroom, considering hers is about four times closer. But, I am not required to get out of bed, so no big deal.

5:45am- Davis runs in our room, bright-eyed and cheery. He exclaims, "breakfast, breakfast, waffles and syr-e-up, please!" I am able to quiet him and convince him to climb in bed with us and try to go back to sleep.

5:55am- Davis is laying almost nose to nose with me. He points to my eyes and says, "Mommy, your eyes beautiful." He touches my lips and says, "Mommy, your lips beautiful." He then points to my nose and starts, "Mommy your nose... (pauses, then exclaims,) "why you have so many polka-dots?!" (referring to my freckles).

6:00am- My husband gets up and gets ready for work. Lyric is hungry again, so I feed her, then we both get back into bed with Davis.

6:45am Tatum joins us in bed as well, and I this point I finally give up on getting anymore sleep. We get up.

Now, when you see me walking around with bags under my eyes the size of Massachusetts, you will know the colorful history behind them. All I have left to say is good night and good luck.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Introducing Lryic to Arizona

We took a last minute trip out to Arizona ... it was pretty quick, but the kids had so much fun seeing family and some friends. Grandma Nelson took all of the grandchildren to the Phoenix Zoo- it was a blazing hot 90 degree March day. We also checked out the new double-decker carousel at the Superstition Springs Mall.

It's a hard life!

Coloring Easter Eggs, Coloring Davis

I am a little bit of a control freak, and try to keep things on the neat side, but I really let loose this year when I let the kids color the Easter Eggs on their own... no rules, no redirecting, no problem- right? We had our friends, the Thompson's over and things started out great, but quickly turned pretty messy. By the end, about 75% of Davis was covered in the dye and most of the eggs were cracked beyond edibility. The kids had a blast, though. (Just as a side note- Easter Egg Dye is semi-permanent... we had the blue-green monster running around our house for a couple of days.)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Emergency Room

While the kids and I were out of town this last week, Ryan ended up driving himself to the E.R. It was quite the ordeal and he ended up discovering that he had kidney stones. He is doing better, but, I thought I would honor his experience with these Brian Regan clips. This guy is seriously funny, so you have to watch both clips (they go together). ***You might have to pause the music on the sidebar.

emergency room part I

emergency room part 2