Friday, February 2, 2007


We went to Disneyland for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Tatum had a blast. She ran up to the princesses like she was meeting a long, lost friend. Snow White gave her a kiss on the cheek and became Tatum's new favorite princess.
The teacups were a hit for Davis. Surprisingly, the extra large, super greasy corn dogs we just ate for lunch managed to stay down during the ride.
We got season passes, so we are excited to go again soon.

Best Friends

Tatum has so much love for her little brother, maybe too much? Davis is a good sport... he puts up with a lot of girly stuff. His new word of the week is "rella" short for Cinderella, possibly from being surrounded with everything princess. Fortunately, she has also been showing how to "shoot hoops" to balance everything out.
This is the park by our house... it has been so warm here we have been visiting it frequently.


I am not the most technically savvy person... but for the sake of keeping close to all of my friends and family, I am giving it a try. We have settled into our new home in sunny southern California, and are slowly adjusting to California living.

Ryan is getting his feet wet in his new job. He is the directer of supply chain for a company called Circor. He is enjoying the perks of a smaller company, and works with some great people.

I have been keeping busy enjoying being a mom. The kids and I have been spending time at the beach, doing story time at the library, playing in our new backyard, and meeting with friends. We are starting to meet some friends out here. Everyone has been very welcoming.

Jil Designs is still up and running. My brother and sister in law have been keeping it going, they are putting on a big fashion show in February and we are working on some new designs... you can check it out at

Just a quick little update... but we are all doing well and having fun out here. Miss you all so much!