Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tu-tu Cute Lyric

Lyric loves showing off in the frilly tu-tu Aunt Jes made her. Absolutely perfect for practicing her Tatum inspired ballet moves (turning circles until she face plants into the carpet, giggles and then repeats).

Completely random, but cute nonetheless... Lyric has been often found communicating with the neighbor's dog through a knothole in the fence. Probably the closest thing she will have to a pet for now. It never fails to excite her. Love this girly!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Missing the Cook's

My dear friend Shelley and her family recently moved to Washington. We are devastated and miss them so much. They are an awesome family and will be a beam of light wherever they go. Here are just a few of the many things we are missing:

col-de-sac bike riding rendezvous
up to the moment info on the
best deals
hilarious pedicure girl's nights
morning check-up
cuddly Camden & Tatum moments
by the pool
late night
slap-happy game nights
insane mall trips with all of our kids
helping each-other through the pukey-lethargic pregnancy phase
celebrating motherhood together
trips to
Newport Beach
Working together in
Fresh, homemade bread

I have been so blessed to have such amazing friends! Shelley has become one of my closest friends and I am grateful for her friendship. Can't wait until we meet up again!

Father's Day Survey

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful father's
in my life!!Daddy Survey {according to Tatum and Davis}

How tall is daddy?

T: Seventy-eight Tall

D: Six Years Tall

What was dad like as a little boy?

T: He liked to play with toys.

D: Like me and like Batman, 'cept little.

What makes dad happy?

T: When I make him cards and pictures.

D: A hug and a wrestle.

What makes dad sad?

T: Nothing. Usually, dad is happy.

D: When Lyric gets in trouble.

What is dad’s favorite thing to do?

T: Watch basketball

D: Get dressed for work.

If dad was a superhero, who would he be?

T: Spiderman because he is the coolest

D: Um, probably Batman because he already has Batman things like a Batman car and Batman shoes.

How does dad make you laugh?

D:Wrestling and tickling.

T: Funny faces.

How old is your dad?

D: 65

T: 21

What does dad do at work all day?

D: Play basketball.

T: Play on the computer and do meetings.

What is dad very good at?

D: Doing tricks on the trampoline.

T: Playing basketball.

What is dad not very good at?

D: Candyland

T: Candyland

What is dad’s favorite place to go?

D: Florida

T: Camping out with his family.

How do you know your daddy loves you?

D: Because he loves me so much.

T: His big hugs

What is your favorite thing about dad?

D: He plays games with me and hugs.

T: He takes me on Grizzly River Run

Sunday, June 14, 2009

If Counting Sheep Doesn't Work...

Davis, singing himself a super-hero lullaby...

The Perfect Pillow

Recently discovered truth: Sleeping dads make perfect pillows.

A relaxing afternoon at Tom's Farm...

Jackson's Visit

Ryan sister, Jes and her family came out for a visit. We had a blast with them. My kids love their Aunt Jes and Uncle Nick and loved playing with Aspyn. We had fun flying kites at the park, enjoying the Culinary Matsrpeice, Wood Ranch, and getting a chance to visit... we miss you guys!

Memorial Day

Good Friends. Yummy BBQ. Crazy Volleyball. Perfect Holiday.

Concert in the Park

We enjoyed a relaxing summer's evening at Dos Lagos. Our good friends the McDowell's joined us. Davis is always excited to have some boy company and spent the entire time wrestling Daxton and Brock. Lyric loves babies and can't keep her hands (and lips) off of them. Mckynlee was her target for the night and she loved her to death! Tatum enjoyed dancing to the music and taking a million pictures of everyone.