Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wanna know a secret?


This little sis...

Is going to be a big sis!


Post Christmas Visits

Admiring the new cousins... Olivia and Sabine.

Tatum, Ella, & Grandma Nelson

Davis and his bug vacuum.Papa & DavisLyric & Aspyn testing out the new tools.Tatum, Lyric & Grr reading a new book.
Little lu-lu.

Davis, Uncle Nick & Aspyn

Christmas Hike

We went on a Christmas Day hike and I got to try out my new camera... so much fun!

Christmas Festivities

Monday, December 21, 2009

70 Degree Sledding

Our neighborhood brings in snow each year and sets up sledding for the kiddos. My kids really enjoyed it and did a little independent sledding on their own. Tatum found some soccer friends and suddenly became too cool for her parents. We were only hurt a little bit.

Kindergarten Presentation

Tatum's Kindergarten performance of "the Circus."

Preschool Christmas Program

Polar Express Pajama Day... decorating edible Christmas trees.

Grr and Popsicle

A short but sweet visit from Grr and Papa...

Ho Ho Ho...

Dear Santa...

Tatum wants a giant art set.
Davis wants a knight castle.
Lyric wants to NEVER be in the same room with you again...
and a mermaid bike.

(Oh, and if you can't tell by the quality of the picture, mom wants a new camera.)

Sir Davis Celebrates his 4th Year


The sleepy birthday boy flaunts his new age.
The brave knight showed no fear of the vicious great white shark. Some of the other favorite presents included a new part of cowboy boots and a knight costume.
The fair maidens and noble knights joining in celebration.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Just a little joy from my life... forever family

...always having my best friend and true love by my side
...knowing that my Savior lives and is always there for me
...enjoying the endless beauty of this earth
...heaven on earth.