Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yippi Yi oh Ki Yah

Chocolate Pudding Painting

Messy, fun, and Delicious! A nice Sunday afternoon acticity... next time, we will remember to change out of the dress-clothes first.

Ryan's Company Picnic

Some of the highlights...

They had a bounce house, money dig, sack races, and so many fun activites, but my kids were most interested in poking sticks in the nearby swamp.

Tatum got her daddy nice and wet in the dunk tank.

Tatum was devestated when I mentioned that her face painting was beautiful, but would have to be washed off for the primary program the next morning. She came up with the idea of taking a picture of it, so she can see it anytime she wants to.

Making yet another escape to the swamp.

Fire Station Fieldtrip

When the Grandparents Come...

Ryan's parents came to visit a few weeks ago and the kids were so excited to show off their soccer skills and loved having their grandma and grandpa their to watch them.

We enjoyed a nice evening out in San Diego. We went to the temple and a seafood restaurant from a food network show that Ryan has been wanting to try. Yummy stuff... it was just a hole-in-the wall place, I never would have stopped there on my own.

Grandma Nelson and Lyric at the park.

Tatum put on her much anticipated art show. She is in an art class and keeps busy creating her latest masterpieces.
The artist... enjoying some hors D'oeuvres.
The artist... getting in a snuggle with gramps.