Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Bash 2009

The Thompson's hosted the halloween party this year and it was so much fun. Everyone had creative costumes. We were cowfolk, keeping in tune with our children's costumes. I have to say, Ryan does make a pretty good looking cowboy...
And the Brokeback version.... Kim the Goth, Emily the Moose, Kati the Rocker, Suzie the Fairy, Niki the Pirate, and me.
Kyra as Daphne, Sarah as a witch, me, Amy as Princess Leia, and Niki as a pirate.
Word to the Wise... Don't ever get in a paperbag fight with me... or Emily.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sleepless in Seattle

As an early birthday present, I got to visit one of best friends, Shelley in Seattle. Lyric-Lu got to come along and relished having mom to herself. We had so much fun catching up and seeing the gorgeous sights of Washington in the autumn. The trip was much, much too quick, and sleep was not really part of the agenda. We were sad to leave and can't wait until next time. Ryan and the kids seemed to survive... Once we were back home Daivs blurted out "mom we had Ding-Dongs!" Tatum quickly blurted out, "Davis, you are not suppose to tell mom we had Ding-Dongs for breakfast!"