Friday, August 31, 2012

So Long, Sea World

We have enjoyed two fun years at Seaworld and are sad to see our passes expire. I am pretty sure we have at least one future marine biologist, but all the kids soaked up every second of sea creature experiences. Here are some highlights: getting soak by Shamu, watching the dolphin acrobat show, feeding Bat Rays, riding the Manta, laughing at Seymour and Clyde the sea lions, singing "baby beluga" to the beluga whales, peacefully gazing at the sea turtles, piranha feeding, loving the eerie silence of the shark tunnel, having a seagull steal your entire funnel cake, petting a dolphins, and holding a starfish. 

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the Chandler chronicles said...

looks like you guys slurped every last sip of summer! Glad you are moved and settled, we can't wait to see what adventures the Nelsons have in the east :)