Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hollywood Getaway

My mom came out to watch the kids and Ryan and I got to have a little Valentine's Day getaway. We went to Hollywood. It rained most of the time and we weren't able to do our planned Disneyland trip... but it was fun just being together without kids in tow.
After our delectable dinner of french cuisine, we thought it might be fun to walk to Pantages Theater (we had tickets for Phantom of the Opera). So after about 30 minutes of walking, we start to discover that it is a heck of a lot longer than either of us envisioned and we start walking briskly. Fifteen more minutes... still no sign of the theater... start jogging. Ten minutes later, we start freaking out... the show starts in five minutes and still no sign... start sprinting. I am sure we made quite the scene, we were in our dressy clothes, I had a pencil skirt on that limited the length of my stride to six inches, tops. We made it in just before the doors closed, but we were a couple of sweaty messes. The show was great, but we unanimously decided that Wicked is still the best.
We stayed at the Mondrian Hotel... very posh, maybe a little too cool for us, we didn't understand some of the decor... a little weird... or maybe just eclectic. It had an awesome view of Hollywood, though.
I felt inclined to visit the Hollywood Wax Museum... I am sure there are better ways to spend $30, but we had fun being silly. We kept thinking, "Davis would love this," and "Tatum would think this is so cool".

Ryan and his Bonanza buddies... seriously, this is his favorite show. Good old Hoss!
Next stop Pink's Hotdogs. We were informed that this is a must in Hollywood, so we waited close to an hour, in the rain, to have a hot dog. I have to admit it was the pretty good (as far as hot dogs go).
Thanks mom, for watching the grand kids... they had a blast with their Grr!


Robbins Family said...

Looks like you had a blast... weekends without the kids are much needed every once in a while... moms are the greatest! When Jared and I saw Wicked in NYC we were in wet jeans and sweatshirts, pretty pathetic but we waited in line for cancellation tickets for 3 hours. We got tickets minutes before the show started. Well worth the wait but it would have been nice to have time to change.

Heather said...

FUN! What a great valentines day! That hotel is VERY SWANKY! Everyone should have an orange thingy... was it a mirror? I was totally picturing you running in your pencil skirt you poor thing! Glad you made it! :)

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Wow sounds like a perfect weekend and the fact that you had to sprint in your skirt just makes the weekend even better with a good story like that. That hotel, WOW NICE!!! Glad you had fun and took the time to spend it together.

Kyra said...

jealous! that looks like the best little one night date ever!!

The Gray Family said...

glad you guys had a nice trip! You deserve a little break :>) And happy birthday to Lyric! This year went by TOO FAST!!!

The Jackson Family said...

What a fun valentines Day! So we are totally going to have to stay at that hotel, i actually let out a gasp when i saw the picture, haah:)

The Jackson Family said...

What a fun valentines Day! So we are totally going to have to stay at that hotel, i actually let out a gasp when i saw the picture, haah:)