Wednesday, December 5, 2007


We had a great Thanksgiving in Arizona, making the rounds to see friends and family and family again. The cousins are posing in front of the "Thankful Tree," a newly begun tradition in the Nelson household. I just wanted to mention a few people I am grateful for...

-my Husband... he puts up with a lot (especially from the grouchy beached-whale pregnant wife). He works so hard for our family (maybe too hard). He is great dad and is always willing to participate in a game of "hop on pop" even if he ends up with a punctured lung or too.

- my mom... her daily check-up calls are a constant and she is a wonderful "Grr," always showering my kids with love.

-my sweet Tatum.... well mostly sweet. She always tells me how pretty I am and that I am the bestest mother she ever had (I trained her to do so). She is always entertaining me with her wild imagination.

-Davis... he has so much love to give and so many snugly hugs. He is always saying "thank you, mama," whether I changed his diaper, kissed his boo-boo, or buttoned his jacket... it helps make the mundane a little less mundane.

-my dad... he is always such a good example of hard work, strength and self-less love, I still know that he is always there if I need him.

-my mommy support group... I have got the greatest friends in the world!!! I know that I always have someone willing to help out. I can laugh and be silly and just be my self with them. They listen to my gross motherhood stories, call me whenever there is a great deal a Target, are always willing to get together for a much needed girls night, and are always ready and willing for a nice, long talk on the phone.

-my family.... in laws, siblings, grandparents.... I really lucked out in this department. Everyone is so kind and loving and accepting. (Although it is kind of boring I have no crazy family members to talk about). I really enjoy being with all of you and am grateful to have you all in my life.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Niki McDowell said...

Love you post, hey I'm all for our mommy support group too! We are so lucky to have ended up hear with great friends.

Hope Taft said...

I'm glad to hear you made it back to Mesa for Thanksgiving! I'm a little jealous as I'm missing my AZ girlfriends!

By the way, I love your beach pictures! You're not kidding when you say it's hard to get one of everyone looking good!

Merry Christmas!