Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some Good Christmas Reads

For those of you who are all done with your Christmas shopping and are now ready to snuggle up with a warm blanket, some Steven's Hot Chocolate and a good book, I thought I would suggest a few of my favorites. I would love some suggestions of other great Christmas books, too.


Hope Taft said...

Hey, Melissa. I wanted to comment on your "princess shoes and spiderman shirt" dilemma. I feel your pain. I say compromise. Wyatt got Little Einsteins pajamas and he LOVES them. I love that he's happy and I'm happy that not very many people see his pj's. Halle wanted character shoes for a long time (firs Dora, then it evolved into princess). I fought it tooth and nail forever until one time she desperately needed new sneakers and I was having a hard time finding any her size for some reason. So I let her get some very conservative light-up Tinkerbell shoes. I was surprised at how little I noticed the light (in fact, the light died before she grew out of them) and the Tinkerbell on them was so small you really couldn't see it unless you were helping her put them on. So there you go. There's "Character Clothing 101" according to Hope Taft. Give in once in a while in a small way and everyone's happy!

Kate McEuen said...

Thanks for the suggestions- As a matter of fact, I am done with my Christmas to-do's and could use a good relaxing book. Can't wait to see you guys! Let me know when you'll be here!

Heather Weir said...

I don't know if you remember me but we went to highschool together and I know work with Michelle at the bank. but by my favorite Christmas books are the Christmas Box and The Timepiece by Richard Paul Evans. I believe there is a hallmark movie made for the Christmas box.
Anyway its good to see you. I love the jjill Shirts. I got one at the last boutique your mom had at her house. I should have got a maternity one but I'm glad to have something that will be great for when this baby is done making all my clothes not fit anymore!
Heather (Turley) Weir