Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good Luck Swearingen Family

Just wanted to wish the Swearingen Family good luck in Nebraska and let them know that they will be missed! Tatum already misses Aiden terribly. Anyone wanting to keep in touch with them can visit their blog at: http://waynenriss.blogspot.com/


heidi said...

it was a total surprise seeing you at dland! you are looking so cute and your kids are too! i hope you had a great day there. talk to you soon!!

WaynenRissnKids said...

Hey Melissa! We just barely got internet so I was catching up on people's blogs. Thanks so much for the help the day we left and for the get together. You guys are great friends!
Just about everynight Aiden has a dream about Tatum. (That's what he calls his make believe stories.)
We miss the sunny California weather--we got about 4 inches of snow yesterday and today it's 28 degrees, but other than that we're doing great.
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

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