Monday, October 1, 2007

The Importance of Being Davis

  1. He will eat just about anything, once confirmed that it is not poop... the other day he brought a small, purple grape, from who knows where up to me and questionably asked, "Poop"? I smiled, and told him, no, it is a grape. He mimicked, "grape," then popped it into his mouth.
  2. He has yet to discover swords. While visiting friends, he found a sword, pointed it at me and said, "Bippity, Boppity, Boo."
  3. He has great potential as a contortionist, considering he has the ability to worm his way out of any buckle/child restraint.
  4. He sings, "Slippery Fish," word for word, puts his hands on his cheeks and exclaims "OH, NO!" after every verse.
  5. All it takes to make him happy is a "nack" and a "tippy cup."
  6. The only ones who love nursery more than him is his mom and dad.
  7. He is magnetically drawn to dogs. He will run up to any strang dog, and refuse to leave until he has ridden it, pulled its ears, and gotten a few good face licks from it.
  8. He is a ladies man... mommy, grandmas, sister, his little girl friends, his mommy's friends... he loves them all.
  9. He has learned that he can get away with just about anything by flashing his sweet Davis smile.


Niki McDowell said...

He definitely has one of the cutest smiles ever.

WaynenRissnKids said...

You're definitely going to have watch him as he grows up. With that sweet face, no girl will be able to resist him.