Monday, March 30, 2009

Interesting Conversation

While riding Splash Mountain with Aunt Chelle at Disneyland, the ride stopped for about fifteen minutes. They were in the spot where the music changes from happy to dark and scary. The experience has seemed to left an impact on Tatum, as reflected in the following conversation:

Tatum: Mom, What is the savage place?
Me: Um, hmm??? Where did you hear about the savage place?
T: On Splash Mountain.
M: Really?
T: They sing, don't go to the savage place, for the huntsman will surely get you.
M: Maybe the animals think the savage place is where the hunter might hunt them.
T: What does hunt mean?
M: Well, it means to catch an animal, and kill it, and use it for food.
T: No comment, big eyes.
M: Most people eat animals for protein. The scriptures say that this is OK in moderation. When you eat a hamburger, you are eating parts of what once was a cow.
T: No comment eyes still big.
M: I think we should try to treat animals kindly and fairly. Some people don't eat any animals, they are called vegetarians.
T: No, mom vegetarians are people who don't eat meat!
M: Meat is from animals.
T: Aunt Whitney is vegetarian. I want to be a vegetarian... but sometimes I want to eat cheese hamburgers.
M: Sounds good.
T: So, where is the savage place?
M: Go ask daddy.


The Gray Family said...

that girl makes me laugh :>)

amanda p. said...

oh Tatum! So funny the things they process in their little minds at this age! Let us know when you are in town... we'd love to meet up for lunch or the park or whatever! So fun!

heidi said...

that is so funny! mmm cheese hamburgers. yum. :)

robyn said...

that was a perfectly executed "defer to daddy" well done. at least she didnt question chicken nuggets.

Alisha said...

Love it! I pass off to Daddy many times in a day :)

Heather said...

That is so great!!! I wish I could've seen her big eyes! LOL!

Cherie said...

she seems like the kinda kids you are gong to get a lot of questions from

john said...
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john said...

on, no! Whitney's propoganda has gotten to tatum! First Katies starts liking tofu, and now this! Let's clense ourselves of such heresis and go eat a bacon bacon burger at Jack in the box and let those 1140 calories of bliss whipe away all of our worries.

Robbins Family said...

It's amazing the things kids pickup on. How many times have I ridden splash mountain and not heard "savage place." That girl doesn't miss a beat.