Friday, March 9, 2007

Tatum Update

Tatum has been a very busy girl. She is making some friends out here... mostly boys, we are still searching for a little girl to play with. She is always taking about Lissity, Eden, and Madasin from "Arnizona." She is turning into a little version of her mother... which is sometimes cute, but mostly a wake-up call for me... am I really portrayed as the 24 hour mommy police. She likes to remind daddy that he shouldn't eat a cookie before dinner or he won't be hungry and keeps a close eye on Davis to report any possible rule-breaking. She has officially taken the role of "backseat driver" and makes sure that I always come to a full and complete stop... I tried to explain to her that we are in California and so we can follow the California Stop rule. She loves layering dress-ups and inventing creative titles such as "Cinderella Princess Ballerina Wizard Snow White Girl." She is picking up on the Spanish culture here. She knows how to count to ten and some of her colors in Spanish. She also likes to yell through the fence her own made up Spanish sounding language to the Hispanic neighbors.

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