Friday, March 9, 2007

Days of Davis

All is going well here. Davis has been busy removing items from drawers/ cupboards/ wallets/ closets and relocating them. We are currently missing a debit card, computer mouse, and my make-up bag. Although, I did just find my blow-dryer outside in the kids playhouse, so that's good. He has suddenly become independent from his mommy... he could spend all day playing in the backyard. His vocabulary is growing so much every day... he can pretty much tell us want he wants. He loves running to the pantry, hitting it, and with conviction, repeating, "nack", "nack" (which means snack). He loves his "bee" (blankie) and would take it every where if given the opportunity. He loves pulling all the books off the shelf, sitting in them, and attentively looking at each one.

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