Thursday, July 1, 2010


We ventured down to San Diego with the Thompson's for some Seaworld fun... and to (unsuccessfully) induce labor.

We were a little disappointed in the Shamu show. The trainers don't get in the water anymore... seriously, what are they afraid of???

The is as close as Lyric is getting to the bat rays.

Ashton and Davis
Looking for eels

Lyric wanted to keep a starfish and kept pulling it out of the water. Mark us down for starfish abuse.

more abuse...
I sat this one out.


Kipn n' Sarah said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. If you go down there again let me know, I have a season pass and would love to play with ya! CUTE pictures, you are good with that camera! You are a natural, as I would have expected with your talented self!

The Gray Family said...

you are braver than me to be walking around there all day when you're ready to pop....sorry it didn't work :<(

melissa gargalis said...

so I totally laughed out loud about the shamu show, Greg and I totally felt it was lame and were expecting a little if a a giant whale/shark in the water doing tricks isn't enough?...

The Cook Fam said...

My kids wish they could go back there with you. The rides look fun! You got the 2 year pass didn't you? Maybe somehow I can get our family back within that time. Eason's never done Sea World.