Monday, February 1, 2010

Huntington Dog Beach

Sobe was in heaven chasing the waves and mingling with fellow canines... I think this may have been the best day of his life. He even got some attention from a Hollywood Doggy talent agency. You can expect to see him in Beverly Hills Goldendoodle sometime next spring.

Tatum, Tera, Davis and Ashton, basking in the sun and munching on grapes.
Lyric, loving the sand, as usual.

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The Cook Fam said...

You should just know that I'm pretty sure Champ feels ripped off that you guys waited till we were gone to get Sobie. Champ would have loved a buddy to join him at the dog beach. Glad Sobie's got to soak up the beach life. I know Champ wishes he could have more of it.