Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sticky Hands

I had an interesting conversation with Davis the other day...

Me: Davis your hands are all sticky. Go and wash them.

Davis: They are suppose to be sticky.

Me: Oh, really. Why are they suppose to be sticky.

Davis: Because.

Me: Because Why?

Davis: Because, I am Spiderman.

Me: And Spiderman has sticky hands???

Davis: Yes. So I can climb the walls! (Wiping peanut butter hands on the wall).

Lesson learned: Don't ask Spiderman how he sticks to walls.


Kyle said...

Davis is a smart kid! I can't believe how well he talks...lets just say Nate doesn't talk that well!

Todd&Emily Moran said...

I'm in nursery now with Davis he is such a boy!!! ( thats a good thing) That is so funny the way he thinks!!

Heather said...

Love this! He is so fun!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

He is a smart one for sure!! That cracks me up. You have the cutest kids! Love the post and remembering things like this!

Anonymous said...

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