Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ode to Costco

Yes, we are slightly obsessed with Costco. I know… it’s ridiculous. It is so much more to us than a warehouse store containing enormous jars of mayonnaise. Here’s why:

  • Lunch? Who needs lunch? The samples will surely cover all five food groups.
  • We are almost always tempted to buy something random, that we didn’t even know we needed prior to entering the store. Such as Mario Kart for the Wii, or a gigantic book about the ocean.
  • For some reason we all get excited about coming across a Saturday with nothing to do… family field trip to Costco, of course!
  • We get special treatment, they know us by name… we usually get in without flashing our membership cards.
  • It is the best way to run into and catch up with all of your friends and neighbors.
  • It is the closest thing we have to a grocery store within 10 miles of our house.
  • I can safely contain all three of my kids in the cart. Not that they are quiet by any means, but contained nonetheless.
  • Every third sentence of my mouth is, "Oh, I got it from Costco."


Heather said...

Here Here! :)

The Gargalis family said...

I can so totally relate to this statement. Especially since Greg's been home, we're like hey lets all go to Costco-party time. So sad.

Anonymous said...

HA!! WE LOVE COSTCO...can't you tell? FREE FOOD to eat and ALWAYS a treat!!

heidi said...

i'm elated and yet embarrassed at the same time. every one of those could have come out of my mouth and been just as true. although, we put one kid on the bottom of the cart... we could put all 4 in, but then we wouldn't have room for those lovely random purchases. :)

Ambra said...

I miss Costco!! We were less than two miles from Costco in Tempe and now the closest one is 20 miles away!! I haven't completely abandoned it, yet it has become a monthly endeavor rather than a weekly (or tri-weekly) activity!

Jolley's said...

Seriously, Costco is the greatest! I lost a $150 gift card around christmas time and 7 months later went back and they tracked it for me and re-issued it. Who does that? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!