Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nelson Family Bowling in Utah

2008 Champion Bumper Bowling Team: Davis, Ella, & Tatum
Ryan and his little sisters.
Lindsay & Ella
Grandma Nelson and Davis
Deceivingly Sweet Tatum
Grandma Nelson & Lyric
Nick & Jes


The Jackson Family said...

So many fun pictures and new updates! We had so much fun seeing you guys and can't wait till the next time:)!

Skiba Family said...

AHHHH! Holy cow! Okay, so I'm scanning through all of the pictures of your fun bowling outing and I get to the picture of Nick and Jessica...I know Jessica from growing up in the chandler alma stake and seeing her at girls camp and other various stake activities BUT...I was shocked to see Nick! Nick dated my cousin Julie for years prior to his mission, I'm pretty sure that she dear johned him right before he came home, He used to come to all of our family thanksgivings, christmases etc. Wow...Small world!

Kate McEuen said...

Utah seems like a really far ways to travel for family bowling... the things we do for a little fun!

Rechelle said...

It's been forever since I've checked out your blog! Your hair is adorable - love it short! Kids are too cute! I can't believe how big Lyric is getting! Garden looks yummy - mine is all crispy from the 113 degree weather here - very depressing! Fun to catch up!