Wednesday, May 21, 2008

San Diego Wildlife Park

We wondered up and down the elevations of the zoo in blazing hot heat for a few hours with three sometimes happy, sometimes grouchy kids... I think we had fun.


Kyle said...

Melissa...I have the most random memory...I even remeber your birthday (November 27th). I can remember some people birthdays from elementary school..I'm weird! How could I forget the penny car?
Cute pics by the the explanation of the day!

Kyra said...

i love that you said- "i think we had fun" isn't that the case in so many incidents?? was it worth the energy expended??

Anonymous said...

Awww, We missed you guys at the wildlife park!! HA!! See you tonight girl!! I LOVE Tatum's dress in the graduation pic!! I want that!!!

WaynenRissnKids said...

Is that Davis with brown hair??? When did it turn brown?
I miss seeing all of you.
Today was the last day of school and Parker wore pants and a jacket. We definitely aren't in Cali anymore.