Sunday, January 6, 2008

Place your bets on the on the walking time bomb...

We are approaching the final stretch and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new little addition. We thought we would have a little fun and take on pool on some of the unknown baby variables... gender, birth date, and weight. Leave a comment to enter your guess (the baby's due date is Feb. 29th).


Melissa (mommy) said...

Gender: Girl
Date: Feb. 9th
Weight: 7lbs 9oz

Ryan (daddy) said...

Gender: Male
Date: Feb. 19th
Weight: 7lbs. 11oz

Tatum said...

Baby Sister
Date: March 4th
Weight: 13lbs. (ouch)

Davis said...

Baby Brother
Date: Feb. 24th
Weight: 2???

Heather Weir said...

Gender: Girl
Date: February 25
Weight: 8lbs 8oz same as me!

Niki McDowell said...

Gender: Girl
Date: Feb. 8th
Weight: 7lbs. 6oz

Susie and Brandon said...

Baby Sister (Lyric - my favorite name)
Feb. 18th
7lbs. 13oz

Cherie said...

Date:Feb 22th
Weight: 7lbs 15 1/2

WaynenRissnKids said...

February 10th (my birthday :-))
8lbs 3oz.

Nicole Robbins said...

Gender: Girl
Date: Feb 21 (Gage's birthday)
Weight: 7lb 10 oz

heather andres said...

Gender: Male
Date: Feb. 23rd (my b-day)
Weight: 7lbs 10oz - I'm just guessing that your other babies have been around that from your guesses!

Michelle Greer said...

Gender: Boy
Date: February 29th (Leap year baby!!!)
Weight: 6lbs 9oz

Anonymous said...

its going to be a dude, 9 pounds, born on feb. 14.

Linda Nelson said...

Gender: Girl
Date: Feb. 14th
Weight: 7lbs 1 oz

If its a boy, I'm suggesting a new name: Heath

Grandma Nelson

Carter Family said...

baby sister
Feb. 25th

Kate McEuen said...

Fancy picture Melis- you've been working with that photoshop, huh? So...
It's a boy, sorry but I can feel it. And he'll come early but not as early as Davis and he'll weigh 7lbs. 2oz.
(By the way, this prediction pretty much means nothing since my record is 1:3 with my own children...but I try.)

Shelley said...

Gender: Boy - only because I already got you a outfit that I HAD to get.
Date: February 11th
Weight: 7 lbs 15 oz

heidi said...

so fun!
7lbs 3oz
feb. 11

The Jackson Family said...

Gender: Male
Date: Feb. 21st
Weight: 8 oz (sorry:))